"Fragment: Erhabenheit"

By Dr. Abner Mality

THEOTOXIN is a traditional black metal band hailing from Vienna, Austria. I'm awfully tempted to end the review there because there is not much more to be said. This is an effort that finds itself squarely in the midst of the great grey mass of bands neither exceptional enough to praise nor horrible enough to imprint itself on your memory. It is a black metal band that exists and that's about all there is to it.

The band is professional enough and know what they are doing. They are honest in saying they are doing pure 90's style black metal and nothing more. There's no lack of fury or speed, as ragers like "Golden Tomb" and "Sanatory Silence" demonstrate. Even though those songs are like about 2 or 3 thousand others I've run across before. They even toss in some slower, moodier stuff like "Two Ancient Spirits". That brand of BM I have also heard many times before. 

You reach a certain point where things just don't register that much any more. The songs seethe and rage and pass by like clouds in the summer sky, leaving about as much impact. That's THEOTOXIN in a nutshell.