By Theron Moore

First track, right off the bat, is full on assault and battery, just attacking you right out of the gate.  Second song, same thing, it’s a fist to the face. It gets me thinking that Theories’ “Regression” isn’t just thrash, can’t be, it’s got a punk element running through the music that comes out as well but doesn’t stop there, won’t allow itself to be caged up like that.

Track two, “Cycle of Decay,” changes up halfway through the song and takes on a death metal vibe, then downshifts into thrash switching gears again incorporating both styles into one insane piece of music.  And mind you, this is just the first two songs we’re talking about here.

Favorite song off “Regression” has to be “Bathing in Pigs Blood” not just because I dig the song title but the blast beat / guitar combo works well in tandem to create this frenzied mosh fest that lays down the law in a big, mean way.  The same can be said of track seven, “Swimming in Mud.”  The band hard charges like this from start to finish, never lets up.

Theories isn’t thrash in the same vein as Slayer or Overkill.  It’s refined, controlled “noise” and to be honest with you I can’t even think of a band to compare them with.  It might be stretching to say they’re a combo of the best parts Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan and that might be reaching.

But it’s good to say that because Theories are doing something cool and unique in a heavy, thrashy, punky, noizey, kinda way that gels together, works.  This band has successfully stepped outside the box of traditional (whatever that is these days) metal to create something that needs to be heard.  BUY “Regression.”