"Some Things Have To Be Endured"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Yes, some things have to be endured, like trips to the dentist and waiting in line at the check out counter. But there are some things beyond endurance, like music from Justin Bieber, "Duck Dynasty" and the latest effort from Theologian's labelmates, Enbilulugal. But as for Theologian's debut itself, that I can take pretty well.

We are in the realm of eerie industrial ambience here. "Some Things Have To Be Endured" brings to mind an abandoned insane asylum for neurotic machines that is haunted by the lamenting wails of female spirits. It is not "noise for noise's sake" industrial, but rather focused on atmospherics. There's enough tension throughout to avoid the boredom that often creeps into these type of things and the songs have variation in approach while still keeping to a uniform gloom. Our navigator through these dark waters is a guy named Leech, who has some fame from being the mind behind Navicon Torture Technologies, a name of some renown in the dark ambient field. He guides us through the Styx with a sure hand. "Black Cavern Myopia" is an H.R. Giger sounding nightmare of dark, stifling tones, "Ectothermism" is truly mysterious and ghost-like, "Gore-Stained Ramparts" brings lumbering repetition and noisy squalls to the forefront. Always present to some degree are the haunting female voices of a wide gathering of sonic succubi. I'm sure not familiar with any of these ladies, but project names like Sewer Goddess, Hecate and Fetish Drone suggest they don't sound much like Beyonce. The feminine voices are sometimes almost subliminal, at other times very much upfront as in "Like Love, Only Real".

The album ends strongly with a fierce and very noisy "Welcome to the Golden Age of Beggars" and the lengthy, almost relaxing "Writhing Corpus Landscape". At the end of the journey, you realize you've been through a cyber-spook funhouse with the expert guidance of Theologian.