"Subterranean Exile"

By Dr. Abner Mality

THE WIZAR'D from Tasmania are back in action and deliver about every doom metal cliche known to man on "Subterranean Exile". Can't express how annoying it is sticking that apostrophe in the name. Well, if you like traditional doom and don't mind a massive dose of cliche, this should do the trick for you.

The band plays classic doom owing a lot to the likes of WITCHFINDER GENERAL, PENTAGRAM and...yes, you guessed it...BLACK SABBATH. The guitar sound is suitably musty and arcane and these guys have the good sense to keep their production at a 1975 level. One thing that will take a LOT of getting used to are the super nasal vocals of bandleader Ol' Rusty. This is clothespin-on-nose level of singing, sound almost like Granny Winslow who lives in the hut at the edge of the forest. Doom fans are used to this kind of vocalization, but for those outside of that realm, it takes some getting used to.

It really isn't that bad at all and cuts like "Master of the NIght" and "Long Live The Dead" are well constructed riff-fests. As for lyrics, it's the usual wizards, demons and maniacs tropes. I'm surprised the demon on the cover wasn't smoking a bong (although that smoking tower does kinda look like one). For pure olde metal of doom, THE WIZAR'D will do just fine.