By Colonel Angus

The Syn is back with a new studio effort for 2016.  Although most of the music I listen to is heavier than this release, I have a soft spot for The Syn.  Their music reminds me of my youth listening to The Beatles, Yes and Supertramp.  Although I still listen to those bands, I’ve moved into a more heavy direction in my listening pleasure.  The last I heard of The Syn was their release Live:Rosfest and although live albums tend to be “greatest hits” affairs, it was good enough to last in my CD player for a few weeks.  When I was given the chance to review this disk, I was kind of excited to hear what Steve Nardelli was up to.  Well, "Trustworks" does not disappoint.  Although I would categorize The Syn as progressive, their music really harkens back to a style that mixes The Beatles, early Pink Floyd, and early Yes (naturally).  Yes, I know that Floyd and Yes are prog bands, but there is simplicity to their music that makes the songs more accessible.  Just grab a listen to the title track as an example of having prog elements but still containing catchy and hummable parts.  That is what grabs me most about The Syn and "Trustworks".  Songs like “Never Too Late” have a Grateful Dead feel but instead of meandering about, the songs always stay the course and the result is something that you will be want to hear over and over again.  Other gems on this record are “This World Is Ours”, “The Wheel” and closing tune “Seventh Day Of Seven”.  All in all, with only 9 songs on this record, each one is good and there really are no filler tracks.

"Trustworks" is basically Nardelli with prog band Moon Safari as his back up musicians.  I’ve never heard of Moon Safari but based on their talents here, I’ll definitely research their catalogue.  But Nardelli is the star on "Trustworks".  His voice and song writing is what shines making this release a “must buy” for any fans of The Syn or Yes.  "Trustworks" will probably last longer than a few weeks in my CD player and I trust it will do the same for you.