“Titans of Creation”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you are looking for the archetypal TESTAMENT album that sums up everything they are, “Titans of Creation” might be it. I’ve done a fair amount of soul-searching on this effort and was inclined at one point to a negative review, as the band absolutely adds nothing different or innovative. But upon further listening and consideration, I judge that to be no bad thing. The songs are super easy to latch onto and “Titans...” is pretty much the all-purpose TESTAMENT release.

It reminds me a lot of their excellent second album “The New Order”, mixed with elements of “The Ritual” and “Low”. The tunes mix moderate thrash with catchy mid-paced crunch, wailing guitar solos and a fair amount of melody. The vocals of Chuck Billy have never been better and there are some great vocal lines in the likes of “Night of the Witch”, “City of Angels” and “Symptoms”. Bassist Steve DiGiorgio, one of the best in the game, gets to shine a bit more than usual here...check out the slinky bass lines in “Code of Hammurabi” and “Symptoms”.  The thrashers this time around are “Curse of Osiris” (very similar to “Dog Faced Gods”) and opener “Children of the Next Level”. One track that stood out as being a little bit different than usual was “City of Angels”, which has a big, epic sound. But the vast majority of the album are VERY familiar TESTAMENT tunes. To be honest, some sound a lot like past triumphs with only minor tweaks in the riffing and vocals.

It all revolves around Middle Eastern mythology and forbidden lore, which are also comfortable themes for the band. Somehow the way it all comes together is just pure 100% unadulterated TESTAMENT, which cannot be mistaken for any other band. These guys have hung in there really tough over the last 30 years and deserve their success. Long time fans will be really cozy with “Titans of Creation”.