"Caustic Attack"

By El Chief

Forget the guy who rebuilt the shoulder of hurler Tommy John, the surgeon who repaired the back of Terrorizer drummer Pete Sandoval is a bona fide miracle worker. The blast beats opening "Turbulence" attest to that. So fierce. So inhuman. So perfect. There's no better way to describe the full-length monument to terror that is "Caustic Attack."

Despite essentially being a supergroup, and having a six-year hiatus between recordings, Terrorizer is a brutally tight outfit. So tight they pack an album's worth of assault into each track, which rarely stray beyond the three-minute mark. In fact, the only critique I have of this epic onslaught of extreme skullduggery is that the tracks sometime feel a little too thin. They aren't Napalm Death-level romps, but I do wish the songs were given more time to breathe, so that I could hear what the group is fully capable of creating. For example, clocking in at over four-minutes in length, "Infiltration," is a textbook approach to attack, retreat, attack. I'd say it's my favorite song on the album, but seriously, with a band this good, that's like trying to decide between a Lamborghini and Maserati.

What extreme metal needs is for Sandoval to remain healthy and Terrorizer to remain a priority. If both happen, then they will rule the death metal landscape for as long as they want.