“And Then Life Was Death”

By Derelikt Waugh

 I honestly had no fucking clue who Terrorist were until my friend Barbara suggested that I review their second album for you fine folks out there in Wormwood land. Unholy Jeebus, am I ever glad she suggested this one! This is bestial, blackened thrash in the vein of early Merciless, Suicidal Winds, etc. Yes, it’s another band who completely fails us in the originality department, but if you’re seeking some raw-as-sushi, razor-ripping, relentless thrash that reeks of Slayer’s seminal first albums with more than a hint of pure Swedish-inspired EVIL, you’ve come to the right god-forsaken album. As the name implies, Terrorist is a band that does not fuck around. Every track is designed with the sole intent of kicking the crap out of the listener. Mission accomplished!

 Even if you think that Terrorist are a blatant clone of (insert black/thrash band name here), you’re gonna find it extremely difficult not to fork the horns and bang your head until your neck cries out for mercy. There’s no respite, I’m afraid. You’ll find no acoustic interludes, nor any boring, mid-paced snooze-fests, for that matter. It’s all full speed ahead until you hit the gates of Hell, hate-fueled mania. This sounds like cheap whiskey and 1988 all over again. This is fun stuff for sure, the only shortcoming being the overtly raw production. I understand that this album is supposed to sound old school, but that doesn’t mean that this it needs to sound like it was produced in one of the band members’ bathrooms. Fuck it though. That’s a very small complaint when it comes to an album this ferociously fun. BUY OR DIE!