"Weapons Of Thrash Destruction"

By Sgt Deth

Step in to the T.A.R.D.I.S. and take a trip back in time about 30 years. At first listen the overall sound is like I threw a cassette tape of S.O.D. in my 1983 Impala’s “kick ass” aftermarket stereo and attempted to shred the speakers. OK, enough with the acronyms… but, really, this Terrifier CD does bring me back. Even reminds me of early Exodus and maybe even a little Death Angel thrown in. Talent through and through in every song, just like the old days. No fillers here.

Enough with the reminiscence, this is also ground breaking material. These are some younger Canadian artists. It reminds me a lot of their Canadian predecessors such as Anvil, Exciter, and Annihilator. It almost seems as if they have taken guitar lessons from Jeff Waters himself. Don’t get me wrong, this is their sophomore release, they are not amateurs and you can tell. Although it has been over 5 years since their first release, "Destroyers Of The Faith". Have they been practicing and getting monumentally better before releasing a new CD?

Well, it seems to me they have been practicing and this one is better and more well rounded. It showcases their talent such as the amazing guitar solo at the beginning of "Riders Of Doom". Also, the bad ass first track Reanimator which not only has a cool subject and lyrics, also is very catchy and I can see moshing hard to it in a concert. And the really cool voice over with Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Skitzoid Embolism" shows more versatility. My personal favorite is "Drunk As Fuck" as the riffs are extremely mosh worthy and the drums are just on fire.

To sum it up, this is mosh metal, thrash metal, even a little power metal mixed in. Sounds old school to me, but may sound fresh to a younger person. Good quality talented metal no matter how you want to cut it. Power to the everlasting metal flame!