"Ascending To Red Heavens"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Having seen these guys play live several times, I know the kind of monstrous cliff-crumbling heaviness that they can create. They are truly the closest America has gotten to the immense chainsaw destruction that Euro-bands like Asphyx, Dismember and Bolt Thrower create...the sort of sound that makes your chest feel like its caving in and causes spots to appear before your eyes.

On their debut "Ascending To Red Heavens", they don't quite match that live brutality, but they make a mighty good stab at it. Expect no revolutionary deviations from the norm here, but do expect a granite slab of grooving death metal with incredible buzzing guitar sound.  "Answered In Lead" sounds like an out-take from "Like An Ever Flowing Stream" with its gory Swedish melodies but Terminate is not a total Swe-death clone. I love the blunt force trauma of cuts like "Rotten Dead Mass", "Savage Silence" and "Chainsaw Omega", full of more bouncy brutality than a baby serial killer. A couple tracks like "Demonic Instinct" and "Blind Leading the Blind" strike me as fairly average, but the bulk of the record is unconquerable European-style savagery. The title track offers an almost progressive bit of melodic death metal that splits into two separate tunes.

The whole thing is capped off with "Iron Supremacy" and if the opening chords of this bruiser don't make you feel like cleaving goblin skulls, you'd better go back to your knitting classes!

An ass-kicking start to Terminate's career and I look for them to only get heavier as time goes on.