By Dr. Abner Mality

Somewhere in the desolate Outback of Australia, there is a hole. No, not a hole...a yawning abyss. At the bottom of that fathomless pit lies a gateway to hell itself. And rising from that pit comes the abominable sound of Temple Nightside...

These days the Aussies are putting out some of the most magnificently sick and distorted death metal. I think of Portal, Altars and now, these unholy acolytes known as Temple Nightside. "Condemnation" sounds like it has oozed forth the foulest swamp at the bottom of that pit I spoke of earlier. Murky and coated with cobwebs, it features six tunes that give obeisance to the nothingness at the center of all, plus two tracks of disquieting ambience that will make you look warily at the shadows in the corner of your room. Needless to say, this follows in the footsteps of early Incantation, but it takes that primal sound to another level further yet. The vocals are so drenched with echo and  thrown so far back in the mix that it often sounds like Cthulhu rumbling from the ruins of sunken R'lyeh.

Enough! There is no further need for me to speak. At this point, you yourself will know if you will be able to proceed to Temple Nightside. The mundane have turned back long ago. But those looking for something darker than death can your own inevitable doom.