By Dr. Abner Mality

Evanescence, what has thou wrought? More than 10 years after your debut, the "diva metal" bands keep coming. Temperance is one of many such bands spawned in the wake of Evanescence (and also Lacuna Coil) and by no means the worst, but despite what the press release would have us believe, they are not going to revolutionize much of anything.

The sound here is clear and pristine...probably too much so for most metal heads. The synthesizer and piano tones are prominent and like most diva metal, the singing of Ms. Chiara Tricarico is as fresh as a clear mountain stream. A little rock and roll grit probably wouldn't hurt her any. To show they are still "metal", we also get the hoarse bellowing vocals of angry nu-metallers and even an occasional death grunt. But we are not fooled. Temperance is a band where commercial melody rules all.

Things do tend to be more upbeat and energetic than the usual Goth metal stuff. Songs like "Amber and Fire",  the symphonic "Omega Point" and "Side By Side" are easy on the ears....smooth melodic metal numbers. But with 13 tracks following the same general template, it's a bit too derivative and too precious for these heavy metal ears.

If you enjoy the Gothic metal genre, Temperance can be recommended, as this is professionally played and produced. But another Evanescence is something we don't really need.