“Aidattu Tulevaisuus”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Count on Finland to bring the weird. Teksti-TV 666 are a real change of pace from the usual roaring thunder I hear on a regular basis. This outfit uses no less than four guitars (and sometimes even more) to create a wall of sound that is not metal in the least. Despite that, this is a pretty dense and layered listen at tome points…but at others, quite poppy and light.

T-TV 666 uses TONS of guitar effects to create a sound that is quavery and spacy. Shoegaze meets krautrock is a fair description. That can sound ethereal and light or it can be a storm of surging tones and rhythm. Some of the track can be pretty muscular…the first song “Turbo-Mondeo’ has an almost Motorhead kind of push to it, but like if Lemmy and the boys used shoegaze tone to write a song. In contrast, the title track is poppy almost to the point of being bubblegum but still has those trademark watery guitar tones.

The band show their diversity with “Rauhankone”, which has a more epic and metallic flavor mixed with psychedelia…this one wanders some ethereal paths. “Severny” opens with a wall of guitars but also has that poppier side in evidence. The album concludes with the 10 minute plus “Katko” where the guitar effects go into overdrive and which builds to a screaming krautrock conclusion that will make your head swim.

Uniquely Finnish, Tesksti-TV 666 prove that not all overwhelming guitar music has to be heavy metal.