“The Merciless Light”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Tehom is a harsh new band from the south of Sweden that deals pain in the form of blackened death metal. Thankfully this is not another knockoff of the old Stockholm sound but something a little different. Necrophobic might be considered a good comparison.

These guys are deep into the Luciferian mumbo-jumbo and no doubt consider their music a tribute to the horned red guy, but past all that they strike with a fast and bitter attack. There is something very militaristic and rigid about their very aggressive approach.  “With Patience and Faith” and “Voices From the Dark Side” almost sound like Florida style death metal performed through a blackened lens.  The record is also very efficient, with only the weird ambience of “Tehom Invocation” breaking things up.

Tehom takes no prisoners here. Not the ultimate blackened death I’ve heard but more than serviceable and worth checking out if you dig Marduk and Necrophobic.