"Tau Cross"

By Lord Randall

The Isle Of Skye off the northwestern coast of Scotland (I’ve seen that shit, it’s breathtaking). Montreal, Quebec. The Midwestern United States. Three places about as geographically scattered and culturally different as you could find, yet when Rob “The Baron” Miller of AMEBIX, Michel “Away” Langevin of VOIVOD and the guitars of Andy Lefton and Jon Misery join together, it’s a study in disparate elements coming together and working. TAU CROSS’ Relapse debut rumbles forth with ‘Lazarus’, The Baron’s Lemmy-esque rasps riding over a riff that could’ve come off FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM’s not-lauded-enough Dawnrazor before the more cerebral ‘Fire In The Sky’ invokes Nature in all her beautiful, destructive glory. 

When the straightforward groove of ‘Stonecracker’ began, I couldn’t help but think how genuinely fun it must be for Away to not have to play in 666 time signatures per minute ala VOIVOD and just cut loose. While ‘Stonecracker’ may bear too much similarity with MOTORHEAD’s ‘Iron Fist’ on the surface, ‘Midsummer’ and its plodding-yet-strident riff, its line “I only came here seeking rust.” flourish as an ideal counterpoint. Not to be understated is the work of Lefton and Misery, who – while not the household names of the project – compliment each other their bandmates, becoming integral to what Tau Cross is and, hopefully, to what TAU CROSS becomes. I’ll take some flak for this, but good. ‘You People’ swaggers, sonically reminiscent of bits of the Darkest Days album by STABBING WESTWARD, especially in the electronics employed. Yeah, I said it. ‘Prison’ surges, ‘Supernaut’-styled chug married to the lyrical punk aesthetic of AMEBIX. Ending with the understated ambience of ‘The Devil Knows His Own’, a tune more reminiscent of STEVE VON TILL’s solo efforts than anything else, TAU CROSS has created the perfect album for autumn. 
You see the leaves begin to burn in their colors, the grass begin to lose its luster of vibrant green. The rain begins its continual mist upon the moors of your life in preparation for winter. This is Tau Cross.