By Dr. Abner Mality

As truly average as Taletellers is, I find it impossible to dislike the band. I may not remember them in a year or so, but as of now, they seem to me to a band of metalheads that got lucky and got a record out on a decent label. I don't begrudge them that success and in fact, if I'm driving up I-90 on a warm and sunny day, I'd rather have "Radicalizer" playing than some sort of post-metal drone or exotic nonsense.

This is a metal bar band, pure and simple. Sounding kind of like a mild version of Pantera mixed with Black Label Society and even more commercial stuff like Drowning Pool, you can find guys like these hitting the local watering holes every weekend. More aggressive than Creed-influenced stuff, more respectful to the classics than straight-up nu-metal, but lacking the true fire and brimstone to be in the thrash or Lamb of God class, Taletellers crank out simple tunes with catchy simple riffs and easy going vocals. While they do not excel at anything in particular...the guitar solos will not fry your eyebrows off nor the vocals bust your eardrums... they most definitely do not suck, either. Tunes like "Deus Ex Machina" and "Mary-Anne" flirt with thrash but don't go all the way. The dudes are most comfortable with groovy riffers like "Go To Hell", "Enter The Gun" and "Rolling To Ruin". But over the course of "Radicalizer", it all starts to melt together and it's pretty obvious they are just doing minor variations on a theme.

So yeah, this is an average record, but on a Friday night and with some beers in me, I'm betting I would enjoy Taletellers at Bar 3 quite a bit. There's comfort in that.