By Dark Starr

If you have a craving for old school heavy metal, this might be just the meal for you. This New Jersey based band delivers the real steel. There is a lot of NWOBHM here, along with some bits of thrash, punk and more. Overall, though, this is just fierce metal. The vocals remind me of WASP quite a bit. I'd say that they could have used a mellower cut here or there to allow the fiercer stuff to really stand out, but I like this quite a bit as it is. 

"Infinity" starts the set, and this introductory piece is just over half a minute long. It opens with voices that are part Gregorian chant and part throat singing. It shifts to some space sounds from there. 
A mean guitar riff opens "Wakening" up, bringing it out with a classic NWOBHM type sound. When the vocals join they reinforce that comparison. That said, I can see references to WASP in some ways, too. This earns a parental advisory. I love the instrumental section on this cut. It's just so meaty. The guitar soloing manages to be both crunchy and melodic. 
I love the guitar workout at the start of "Flying High." The whole tune really ups the ante. It's a screaming hot metal stomper that works so well. This is real metal, not any kind of new sound. This is anthemic and very strong. 
A percussive hammering sound opens "Venial Sin." The guitars rise up from there. This is another killer metal song. It's a bit slower, but no less fierce. The introduction plays through. Then they fire out into another jam to continue. This is a bit thrashy in some ways. 

A bit on the raw side, "All the Same" is pounding and furious. It's angry and has a bit of a punk edge to it. It's no less compelling, though. The instrumental break is on fire. The guitar soloing later is so cool, too. A catchy metal number, "Stomp" is an appropriate title for the next song. It also gains a parental advisory. It's mean stuff, but also strong. 
Although "Time" is still fierce, it has a bit more of a melodic edge than some of the other tracks, do. The guitar solo is so meaty. Not a big change, "Too Late" is another rough and tumble metal stomper. I'd say that this one definitely makes me think of WASP quite a bit. 
The album closes with a song that is both the title track and shares a name with the act. Parts of it are dramatic and mysterious. Other parts are raw and punky thrash type sound. It's a fierce rocker. The song (and album) closes with a return of the space sounds from the beginning that give way to the voices that started this ride. It makes for a great closed circle.