By Professor Jocko

Is it metal because Kerry King says it is? Fuckin-a right it is! But whether or not Kerry King even knows who Sylosis is, I’m sure he would agree that they are the real deal in every way, shape & form. From the very first track through the next ten songs, this album is more than enough to get the blood flowing for just about any able-bodied metal-head. "Monolith" seems to generate the type of energy that cannot be described…it is something that must be experienced at a loud volume, and I will do my best to detail such a hard-crunching LP.

"Monolith" is the third full-length album from this British foursome, incorporating several styles into their music. Although this is my first exposure to Sylosis, the music itself instantly invigorated me with energy as a direct result of the incredible amount of power that shredded from Josh Middleton’s guitar and vocals. My instant attention was drawn directly from the first track of melodic death, if you will, that morphed into the crashing combination of the riffing of thrash, the incredulous melodies and lead guitar with a hint of metal-core to form an end result of just pure metal music reminiscent of early speed metal roots. With songs like "Fear the World", "All Is Not Well", & "Paradox", it is hard to go wrong, especially if you are after sounds of classic influence, which are extremely fast, abrasive, and technically demanding" musical tracks.

Keep in mind that I am from a time that saw the birth of what has become modern thrash, speed metal, metal-core or whatever title you want to impress upon this style of music. When I started listening to metal, bands such as Exciter, Helloween, Flotsam & Jetsam, Stormtroopers of Death, Exodus and Metal Church were just a few of the premier groups of the time. They were edgy, they were wicked, and they just kicked ass; plain and simple. Sylosis seems to possess those same qualities; just listen to “The River” and you’ll see what I mean.

Other songs such as the powerful closing track "Enshrined", relies more on long, wrenching rhythmic breaks, while "What Dwells Within" is cleaner and more musically intricate, yet still loyal to the dueling melodies of classic metal." So if you are searching for a band with a newer sound that delves into more of an innovative direction, which could be coined as power-metal and thrash, then search no longer. Sylosis has several groove-oriented sounds, which take me back to the days of Machine Head and even Pantera.