“Omniscient Pulse”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Is death just the gateway to life in another universe? SXUPERION would have us believe it is so and has based “Omniscient Pulse” on that premise. The “band” is actually just drummer Matthew from the grim and criminally underrated death metallers VALDUR. The album sonically has a lot in common with VALDUR, but differs in a few key ways.

The album is a mix between the raging, primitive death metal of VALDUR and cosmic, ambient drone sprinkled with a lot of dialogue samples from various movies. The drone parts are deep and mysterious without being dull and suggest the vastness of the multiverse. The metallic sections are pounding and cavernous, bringing to mind the likes of PORTAL and DISMA. Matthew sounds like a cacodemon vomiting into a wind tunnel on vocals, very reminiscent of VALDUR’s unearthly roars.

The album is very compact and doesn’t drag a bit. If you took out the drones, this would be less than 20 minutes long. As it is, SXUPERION have come up with something both savage and thought-provoking.