"Living on Borrowed Time"

By Sgt Deth

Hailing from Queens, NY, they are back after almost 5 years with this powerful new release that is due out May 13, 2014. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first listen and it took me a while to really catch on to this album. At final analysis, I would say they are keeping true to their original sound while adding in some new ideas, and some really awesome drum work to boot.

The fifth track, No Apologies, has some very intense snappy drums. In fact, there is a lot of very intensely fast drums all the way through. There is also a lot of hardcore beats that will remind you of their original record label owner’s mother ship, Hatebreed, while also honoring their own Sworn Enemy sound. The distortion on the guitars is slightly different on this CD, and that is one thing that threw me off at first. It really hit me while listening to track eight, "Never Forget". They kind of have that garage sound, while maintaining good production quality.

There are very powerful lead vocals throughout, and the background vocals remind me of how much fun it is to see this band live. They are kicking off their tour May 17th in Brooklyn, NY and ending it in Chi-town June 25th. I would not miss them, they will rip the place apart. Hopefully, they will play some of this new material as I can tell it was written to play live