“Carnivorous Urge to Kill”

By Derelikt Waugh

First off, this is not a re-release or a re-master. This is Louisiana’s Suture delivering their completely crushing debut album to the fans in the way that they originally intended for it to be heard. Secondly, this band is typically filed under the ridiculously redundant sub-genre heading, “brutal death metal”. Isn’t brutality already implied? Well, fuck it. Let’s move on. Your humble reviewer usually despises re-recordings of older material and most of the bands that find themselves labeled as “brutal death metal”. I’m pleased to report that this is not the case with Suture. Not the case at all.

The re-recording sounds absolutely blistering and gut-punch heavy, without sacrificing a single iota of the bloody rawness that permeated the original. In short, it sounds ultra-modern, but still beastly as all fuck. While they might not have NEEDED to re-record this album, I’m glad that they did. It shows how much Suture has really progressed over the years. They have transformed into an almost mechanized death metal monster, one that pulls out all the technical stops, without forgetting the importance of a huge down-tuned groove. Suture is a band that deserves to be in your death metal collection and “Carnivorous Urge to Kill” is an excellent introductory album (after that, I highly recommend 2002’s “Skeletal Vortex”). Buy it, or be devoured.