“Sanguinary Revelations”

By Dr. Abner Maity

Metal malpractice of the most malevolent kind has been performed by Surgikill on “Sanguinary Revelations”. Like Dr. Giggles and yours truly, this takes a rusty scalpel to your brain and rips it to shreds. By all rights, given the perpetrators, this record should have been on Razorback, but instead it pops up on Hells Headbangers, which is surely not a bad way to go.

A lot of well-known fiends from the horror metal underground are part of the Surgikill unit. Billy and Vanessa Nocera put bloody input into it and Stevo from Impetigo also takes part. Plus guttural female vocalist Zdenka Prado and members of Crucified Mortals throw in bloody bits as well. It sounds much as you might imagine, a meaty stew combining sounds of Repulsion, Grave, Impetigo, Autopsy  and just about every Razorback artist you can think of. “Sanguiniac” was not the most promising start…pretty much wide open, almost formless speed. But from there on, riffs start to pop up like festering cadavers from a voodoo graveyard and by the second half of the album, things are really starting to boil. “Alchemy Death Queen” is pretty insane and “The Bleeder” had a nice thrashy edge. The final song “Planet of the Vampires” is in fact the last song Impetigo wrote before breaking up…one that’s never been performed. It’s a corker and the lead work in particular is stellar.

For fans of the typical “horror metal” style as well as Razorback Records and Hells Headbangers in general,you are advised to report to the operating room and prepare for SURGIKILL.