By Dr. Abner Mality

Definitely found in the corner of the metal universe reserved for "weirdo black metal", Surachai is a Chicago project basically helmed by Surachai Suthisasanakul (try saying that 3 times fast...demons shall appear!) and rounded out with many of Chi-town's best black metal personalities.

Wish I could say this appealed to me more. Here we have 3 long tracks that combine extremely tweedy and trebly guitar work with noisy electronic outbursts. This is music for people who like no bass or bottom end in their tuneage at all. The high frequency guitar arpeggios twist and fold into each other, creating queasy patterns that don't register correctly with the orderly brain. A little of this sonic skullfuckery is OK and serves to put the listener in an uneasy space, but this guy just ladles on too much of it. I feel like reaching for Dramamine well before first track "Ancestral" ends in a sequence of electronic processing and distortion. This electro-noise is an increasing aspect of avant-garde black metal and in a strange way, I like it more here than the actual "metal" music itself. The dissonance seems to convey more unreality than the rather dull guitar interplay. But eventually, this, too, wears out its welcome.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the jazz-like drumming that accompanies this curiosity. It's quite excellently done, but sometimes I wonder if maybe it accidentally got mixed in here from a different recording. Often it doesn't match the music at all.

Nope, not for me at all. Fans of extremely trebly long-winded black metal mixed with industrial distortion can dig in...if there are any.