"Divine Incarnation"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Dutch death metal scene doesn't have the notoriety of Sweden's or America's, but has always delivered top quality bands like God Dethroned and Sinister. Well, now we can add Supreme Pain to this limited but impressive group. And wouldn't you know it? The band is crawling with former Sinister members...

Sinister is indeed a very good comparison to Supreme Pain, but I think there's just a wee bit more atmosphere and a bit less blasting on hand wtih "Divine Incarnation". This is not a radical reboot of the's just a damn solid piece of piledriving brutality featuring distinct songs, strong riffs and unquenchable brutality. No more and surely no less. Early cuts like "The Dark Army" and "Damned Creation" set the stage, but "Divine Incarnation" manages to get stronger as it bulldozes along...not something you see a lot of these days. "Treasonous Disease" shows an epic Bolt Thrower feel and is rather majestic,  "Trapped In Heresy" with its lethal opening reminds me of nothing less than Slayer's "Hell Awaits" and "Chemical Warfare", "Spiritual Sickness" recalls Sinister at its best and the title track is simply the heaviest, most crushing tune on the disk.

To be picky, the album kind of falls back on the last two cuts, but not very severely and the sound of "Divine Incarnation" is nothing less than caustic all the way through. Those still crying about Morbid Angel ought to be over it by now, but if not, Supreme Pain is here to remind everybody what true death metal is.