"Get the Hell"

By Dark Starr

Who knew that anger could be so much fun? The lyrics to this set are mostly angry, definitely snarky and a lot of fun. This is R-Rated stuff. I could see someone putting it under “heavy metal,” but I think it’s more just great hard rock. It occupies similar territory to Motorhead, Guns ‘N Roses, Aerosmth and Van Halen. There isn’t a lot of variety here, yet it never feels tired or repetitive. It’s just enjoyable. 

Supersuckers have been riding this rock and roll highway for a long time and they know every bend of the road. You've got your punk powered rockers like "Never Let Me Down Again" and then you have tunes where classic hard rock seems to get a nod. "Shut Your Face" is a Supersuckerized take on Alice Cooper, "Disaster Bastard" drags old Aerosmith through the Supersuckers treatment and "Rock On" seems to hail back all the way to classic rockabilly days. Then there's real tough stuff that has more of a metal feel like "Fuck Up" and "Gluttonous". Through it all, there's a lot of tasty melodies and catchy vocals. You can file this under "hard rockin' fun" and not worry about anything else.