"Holy Shit!"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Workaholic Chris Black is back in action with his "dirty rockin'" take on heavy metal, Superchrist, who have been perhaps the most prolific and consistent of his many bands, if not actually the best (that I reserve for Pharaoh). When a record is called "Holy Shit!" and the band describes their style as beer metal, you don't need to worry about hearing anything too complicated or overproduced. And that's certainly what you get here.

Trouble is, there are a lot more bands treading this "NWOBHM/Motorhead" route now then when Superchrist started and it's kind of taking a chunk out of them. They used to have that type of metal all to themselves, especially in the U.S., but now, not so much. But one thing you can depend on from any band featuring Black is tons of catchy hooks and Superchrist again delivers on that front.  Tunes like "Run To The Night", "Black Thunder" and the raw, roaring "Hot Tonight" can't be resisted no matter how much you try. You can tell this is a project used mostly to let off a lot of steam and tension...the profanity and cliches come thick and fast and the band doesn't give a shit. It's like the dirtier, drunken brother of High Spirits, another band featuring Black. Speaking of which, his vocals are much an acquired taste, as they don't have the kind of gravel-chewing quality you'd expect from such a Motorhead-influenced band. But it's a taste I think you will acquire...I know I did.

"PAMF" shows a very punky side to the band, very Motorhead-ish and kinda reminiscent of their tune "The Hammer" while "Sewer Snake" experiments a bit with a dirty bass groove, a slower pace and a lot of bluesy soloing. The album ends with the perfect note, the anthemic and pacey "Beer Metal", which pays tribute to the metalhead's favorite nectar of choice.

Enjoy Superchrist and "Holy Shit!" for what they are, don't force any pretension on them, and you'll enjoy this just fine.