SUNN 0)))-3

SUNN 0))) 


By Dr. Abner Mality

The hooded hierophants of Sunn 0))) have returned to the temple. The temple of musical gravity, of meditative DOOM. It’s been a while since we’ve heard them like this. They’ve spent the last few years collaborating with the likes of Boris and Ulver, creating frustrating vibrations for anybody who admired their monolithic  HEAVY dronescapes such as the “White” and “Black” albums.

“Kannon” sees them returning to those tectonic roots. Three lengthy songs are glacially rolled out here and they remind me of oldschool Sunn classics like “Orthodox Caveman” and “My Wall”. These are mantras designed for contemplation of cosmic mystery, wrapped up in a shell of slow-moving mega-heavy guitar/bass drones and Asian-styled chants. Almost ridiculously simple stuff on the surface, but with some hidden depths.  For example, it may take a couple of listens to pick up the cracked and mummified vocals on “Kannon 1”. Or the tidal in-out washes of bass on all three tracks.

As has been the truth since day 1 of Sunn 0))), don’t look for “songs” here. There’s no headbanging or catchy choruses. “Kannon” sees the monks of monotone in their most contemplative mood ever, yet they are at their heaviest at the very same time. When you understand this paradox, you’ll arrive at the truth behind this band.