“United In Chaos”

By Theron Moore

SUMMONING THE LICH might be a name you haven’t heard before but trust me, you’ll get to know them quick.  These St. Louis death metallers recently inked a deal with Prosthetic Records and are set to release their debut record, “United In Chaos”, February 26.  Describing SUMMONING THE LICH is where it gets interesting.  Think Dungeons and Dragons meets death metal.  Like any true gamers worth their salt in d20 rolls or the odd saving throw, SUMMONING THE LICH present the listener  with  a concept album that tells the tale of an evil Lich and the fall of Kingdom Rodor.  As the Lich grows more powerful, so does his evil upon the land.  

Immediately two things come to mind.  First, I really need to play this adventure, and the sooner the better. Second, from a sonic standpoint, SUMMONING THE LICH are brutally heavy and play a fast style of death metal comparable to VITRIOL or MICAWBER for reasons of comparison. They sound tight, sharp and heavy enough to crack concrete. Standard, run of the mill death metal bores me.  I’ve been around long enough to live through the CANNIBAL CORPSE gore era and the DEICIDE “I hate God” campaign. I liked it when I heard it the first time and now it’s retread.  What SUMMONING THE LICH are doing is vastly interesting to me because there’s a growing subgenre of metal in which musicians are creating art via the games they’re playing.  

 That gets my attention since I’m into metal and gaming as well.  When you juxtapose that against some seriously cool, aggressive as hell music, “United In Chaos” is a record I’ll revisit often.  There isn’t a bum track on this album and from a music and lyrical standpoint, I’m impressed. It’s been awhile since I got excited about death metal again and SUMMONING THE LICH did it with “United In Chaos”.  They’ve excited my inner Druid/Fighter.  Buy this record.  5/5 Dragons.