“With Doom We Come”

By Octopi Mills

Summoning have returned with a new album after a few years of waiting. What can one expect, I wonder, as I listen to the new set of songs after somewhat following the band after so many years. 

I find that it is mostly predictable, having found the last album to be somewhat the same in terms of what I just stated. I always liked the music and the whole package; the Burzumic influences, the album artwork which is always good, and the texts of Tolkien and a few other authors. The songs are even better mixed and balanced in terms of production but there is a feeling of having heard it all before on the other albums; particularly the last two. This is not a bad thing; I would enjoy more music from any band I keep up with even if it were not to outdo previous efforts or offer nothing but more of the same as long as it was good. In some ways this can be a good thing, this constancy.  

Some of the songs seem more boring and follow the traditional formula a bit too much; "Silvertine", "With Doom We Come", for example, while many others keep it a little interesting and add something new in the electronic drum department. This latter point I mention is something I notice that they are getting better and better at with each album. As far as memorable guitar pieces or anything as epic as what as become before, it will be found to be forgettable in favor of listening to older compositions when one is low on time due to the cogs of life's modern drudgery. Expect the usual songs closer to a orc's persona than say that of a hobbit or elf, and another chapter of such things as mentioned before. You will not get a smoking song or find a ent around the corner. The vocals some may find to be done a little different in delivery, and in a way that is a little different than before.

 I have to say that most long time Summoning fans will not be disappointed by this one at all, and there are many little treasures to find after a listen or so, lending, perhaps, to some longevity in the long run… a gem or trinket here and there to shine a tiny fire.