"Gateway to the Antisphere"
By Theron Moore

Sulphur Aeon’s “Gateway to the Antisphere” is the sonic equivalent of asking the questions, “What if monsters are real?” or “What if the Large Hadron Collider has actually opened a doorway into a Hell dimension?”... that’s the kind of realized or surrealized fear that consumes you listening to this metal masterpiece.

I am so into this record right now it’s ridiculous, I can’t stop listening to it.  If you dig Lovecraftian themed death metal you’ve hit the mother lode here.  The opening track “To Drown this World” is the perfect introduction to this record – foreboding evil, elder gods, that which should never be disturbed as well as names that should never be mentioned, Cthulhu emerging from R’yleh, it’s all here.  I’m telling you, it’s right out of a movie, in fact, it’s a mini flick unto itself, the perfect jumping off platform to catapult you into track two, “Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos.”

It’s also perfect death metal start to finish.  It tends to remind me of old Pestilence with the vocals and that grindy, churning type vibe their first two records had.  The sound of “Gateway to the Antisphere” perfectly matches music with the mood of the record, shying away from the norm of this genre, opting to complement the vocals in a way that tells the stories within the songs.  Sulphur Aeon has managed to create heaviness out of both music and vibe, pacing the record just right.  The result is a superb and yet frightening vision of dark beauty from the depths and beyond.  Buy this record.