By Colonel Angus

When adults used to tell me that time will fly by when you get older, I thought they were crazy.  Now that I’m older, I find that statement to be true.  With so much to do and no time to do it, I’ve missed out on some great music.  Striker is releasing their new self-titled album and I had no clue that this is their fifth album.  I guess, better late than never because this is my favorite record released this year so far.  There is a lot to like here starting with the catchy riffs and melodies that feature on every track.  Things get off to a great start with an upbeat rocker titled “Former Glory” and move quickly to a thrashy “Pass Me By”.  As things progress, the rest of the disk consists of mostly traditional heavy metal.  Although all of the songs are great, the standouts are “Ove The Top”, “Shadows In The Night”, and the previously mentioned “Former Glory”.  While I think those are the gems on this record, it is really difficult for me to find a bad tune on "Striker".  The band make the most of this record with only nine songs and a running time of just over 33 minutes.  There is not much room for error and luckily, the guys don’t slip at any point on this record.

Since this is my first experience with Striker, I have to say I am impressed with the band.  Dan Cleary has a great voice and the vocal melodies are what keeps me listening to his album over and over again.  Tim Brown definitely knows his way around a fretboard but he manages to come up with some catchy riffs and memorable solos.  I like the overall sound of the guitars because they sound like the traditional metal bands (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc) while still throwing in some thrash elements.  Adam Brown and William Wallace also put in great performances, so much so that you can definitely hear the energy in these recordings.  That word “energy” really sums up this record and this band.  You can’t help but feel your blood pumping and heart racing.  I guarantee that before the first song is over, you’ll be air drumming or going full-on air guitar.  "Striker" (the record) brings me back to a time when metal was fun and for that, I say Thank You!