“The Dark Triad”

by Dr. Abner Mality

If you wanted an example of state of the art death metal in the 21st century, you could hardly do better than “The Dark Triad”. This band from Northern Ireland have completely ambushed me with this brief but amazingly effective album of thoughtful brutality.

Just imagine a sound that combines aspects of Carcass, Dying Fetus and Bolt Thrower into a smooth but raging package. Hard to imagine, but that’s what Strangle Wire sound like. Take “Psychopathic Blue” for example. Opening with a flourish of twin harmony guitars ala “Necroticism”-era Carcass, this soon slams into high speed guttural brutality and then breaks off into some incredibly cool “Stuttering” mid-paced riffs. A flawless death metal attack. This band’s mastery of heavy riffs is great. A perfect mixture of fast, slow and medium makes for a balanced record. Last tune “Den of Iniquity” reminded me a lot of the doomier tunes from Bolt Thrower and Benediction as it lumbers along menacingly. If you had to press me for a favorite track, I’d probably opt for “The Failure Exhibit” but it’s not easy picking one.

The band’s subject matter seems to be psychotic serial killers which is not treading much new ground, but when backed up by death metal of this quality, that can be overlooked. I don’t know how easy this will be to find but it’s definitely worth the effort.