"Volume 1"

 By Dark Starr

Strange Karma is an unusual band that’s hard to pin down. Many reviewers compare them to Led Zeppelin, and there are moments on this set where that’s a valid argument. Tunes like "Storm" and "Harder Than A Stone" ooze with kind of hard rock swagger that Zep was known for. Led Zeppelin is more of a starting point than a destination for these guys, though. I hear echoes of The Sweet's "Action" in the high energy opening cut "America". "Uneasy" and "Time" have an overtone of Cheap Trick are far as appealing hooks go, while "Fame" has a kind of jammy approach reminiscent of Jane's Addiction mixed with Zeppelin. There are even strong touches of progressive rock in "Young and Free" and "Indian Sun"...these are the tunes where Strange Karma comes closest to establishing their own sound.

A classic rock band for the 21st century might be the best description of these guys and "Volume 1" is a welcome suggestion that there will be much more from them.