“Time To Destroy”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Time to grab those neckbraces and THRASH! Storm Death hails from the capital of melodic death metal, Gothenburg, Sweden, but don’t expect an At The Gates or Dark Tranquility clone here  These boys have come to thrash your bones with a very 80’ish attack of  speedy guitar riffs.

OK, as you might imagine, there’s not much here in the way of invention, but Storm Death cranks things up and cuts loose with a cross of early Metallica and Exodus fury leavened with classic metal such as Judas Priest and Saxon. Great beer drinking music! The title track starts with neck-snapping riffs that bring Priest in the “British Steel” era to mind and then increases the velocity to thermonuclear levels. Nothing fancy about this one! And songs like “Black Sorrow”, “Accursed”  and “Law of Death” follow in similar fashion. The vocals are nothing to write home about but they fit the music.

The band also can do the more mid-paced thrash with a touch of melody. Check “We Are the Devils” and “Dreamwalker” for that style. I kinda prefer the more heads down stuff myself, but this is all pretty fun to listen to.

Witches Brew label has a fine ear for this kind of material. Pick up “Time To Destroy” and MOSH!