"From Time...To Eternity"

By Dr. Abner Mality

For the doom metal purists, it feels these days as if we are drowning in an ocean of angry sludge. There's no doubt that harsh, ugly sound predominates, with a lot of bearded truck drivers singing songs about whiskey, weed and women. While that branch of doom has its place for sure, one wonders where true epic doom  resides these days.

Look to Michigan City, Indiana and Stone Magnum. If you're tired of waiting forever for the next Solitude Aeturnus record to come out, give a listen to what these gloomy Hoosiers are preaching on "From Time...To Eternity". They play a brand of metal that is clean yet heavy, melodic but dark and oh so epic. Candlemass fans will certainly find much to admire here. Stone Magnum has a great weapon in their arsenal in the form of singer Nick Hernandez. This dude ranks with the likes of Robert Lowe and Mats Leven with his clear, strident tones. He also puts a sinister edge into his singing that these other gentlemen lack and having see the band perform live, I can tell you he makes for a very imposing frontman.

Backing him up is a tight band that plays some huge, doleful riffs and baroque soloing. Stone Magnum is not a ground-breaking band in the slightest, but in a scene drowning in sludge and phony occult rock bands, their pure doom is a breath of fresh air. All of the tracks here are good, but "In Tongues They Whisper" is the absolute standout...devastating pure doom at its best. "Uncontained" throws some faster, more aggressive riffs as well as killer soloing from Dean Tavernier and Jim Brucks into the mix. Topping the whole production off is some cool cover art as well.

If you have wandered in the desert of modern metal seeking relief, Stone Magnum shall be your oasis!