“Atomic Oblivion”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here’s some Finnish boys having an ironic goof on heavy metal. The dudes from Circle are likely heavily involved. With a band name like Steel Mammoth and an album title like “Atomic Oblivion”, this is either pretty tongue in cheek or else somebody so serious they have crossed over into the “Twilight Zone”. Then there's their band photo...OK, now there's no doubt it's a goof.

A cartoony cover promises much aural carnage, but I must relate that heavy metal plays only a minor part in Steel Mammoth’s make-up. This stuff seems to be some whacky cross between post-punk, 70’s AOR and hard rock and a thin veneer of NWOBHM influence. Some of this is weirdly catchy and compelling, but if you’re looking for metal, this doesn’t deliver anything of note.  “Shit Testament” is a punk rock name and it is actually a punk rock song.  “Armageddon Speed” has a title that suggests thrash mayhem, but the tune is an indescribable mish-mash of elements and certainly not thrashy in the least. It is somewhat compelling,though, and not something you  hear in a world of cookie-cutter music.

A unique sound is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but some tracks like “Gimme Gimme Nothing” and “The Beyond Beyond the Beyond” are sloppy post-punk shit. The joke is funny at first but wears off quick. If Steel Mammoth wanted to poke fun at metal fans, haha, you’re a riot.  This record starts out kind of fun, but ends up in an absolute trainwreck.

So much for the New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal. Check out Ranger instead.