"Problems To The Answer"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Been a while since I've heard anything from these scuzzy Brits, but "Problems To The Answer" shows they are still around and as pissed as ever. The SSS formula changes little here...they specialize in short, sharp blasts of thrash laced with generous doses of punk anger...but I think the actual production itself is a little smoother, a little more metal than what we've heard before. Vocalist Foxy sounds a bit different as well...sometimes almost like a hoarse Hetfield on some cuts, but pretty much still bellowing out rage.

Only the last weird track "Strangenotes" exceeds the usual brief song combines dark, catchy riffs with a peculiar mid-section featuring low key piano and it clocks in at over 7 minutes. A titanic epic by SSS standards. Rest of the tunes range from the ridiculous ("Birdshit"...16 seconds and "Direct Action"...6 seconds) to standard crossover ("Eat Me, Burn Me, Drink Me" and "Man Against Man") with "Future Primitive" being over 4 minutes of powerful thrash riffing. Short, medium or long, all the tunes feature hooks that are easy to get into and plenty of speed. Although comparisons can be made with D.R.I. and Municipal Waste, SSS have still managed to retain a sense of individuality, which is never a bad thing.

Thing is, though, all their albums are enjoyable while they are playing, but have little durability past that. I don't recall much of their previous 2 records except that they were good and I think the same will go for "Problems To The Answer". Enjoyable but treading water.