“The Plague of the Aeons”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The name of the band itself suggests an oozing, Lovecraftian sort of vibe and this Chilean band lives up to it. This is cryptic death-doom metal of a high order, suggesting impossibly ancient crypts carved with inhuman glyphs and cobwebbed with the debris of ages.

“The Malignant Observer” begins with awesomely heavy, plodding riffs that are primal and basic...the perfect thing for a trip into the catacombs. This is death-doom in the ASPHYX vein, but it switches halfway through to a killer groove. This opening song is the heaviest and deathliest but the remaining songs change tone noticeably. “Crawling Towards The Tyrant” is more “Gothic” in its approach and sounds like a cross between ELECTRIC WIZARD and MY DYING BRIDE. Catchier, more ethereal yet still punishing. The vocals roar like a demon in the abyss.

“Teleport to Obscurity” is even more cryptic, with odd melodies stitched into its corpse. The album ends with “Cathedral of The Abuser”, which starts with pure English death-doom but about two thirds of the way through, the hammer comes down and the song becomes pure raging death metal in faster mode.

Chile has produced a fair amount of doom and SPORAE AUTEM YUGGOTH has emerged as yet another band to keep a tentacled eye on.