By Dr. Abner Mality

Wow! These fatal Finns know EXACTLY what kind of sound they want to get and they achieve it in spades on "Powerdose". This is early 80's speed metal in the grand style and "Powerdose" will blow a hole in your face with bitchin' riffs that are catchier than the Bubonic Plague!

Take special notice that these guys are NOT what you'd call a thrash band. The hooks here are "cleaner" than what most thrash is, but the speed is just as great, if not greater. No Bay Area riffery here, but there is some resemblance to the German stuff of the VERY early thrash age. Vocals are crisp and tuneful, with no snarling but the occasional shriek. I can compare Speedtrap to the similarly named Speedwolf, but where Speedwolf has a raw rock n' roll feel, I think Speedtrap are coming from a somewhat more "British" direction.

Let's face it, the songs here do resemble each other quite a bit, with the exception of "Out of Time, Out of Line", where some of that more rock n' roll feel is apparent. But even this song is balls to the wall. This band just does not let up and since the album barely reaches the half hour mark, you don't get tired of it. It also performs the wise and necessary step of opening and closing with the two most ass-kicking tunes, being "Redemption Of Might" and "No Sympathy" respectively.

A nice little shot of musical habanero here, to use a hot sauce analogy. Clean, simple, with plenty of bite!