"Out For Blood"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Mr. Dave Linsk is a man who loves his thrash metal. If you don't recognize his name, then shame on you, because he's been chugging out the riffs with Overkill for many years now and is responsible for some of that band's best stuff like the recent album "Ironbound". But Overkill is really Blitz and D.D.'s band and they have a very strong idea of what is and isn't an Overkill song. Dave is a conneisseur of thrash and has a lot of ideas that don't automatically fit in the Overkill world. So he's created an outlet for his more violent music known as Speed/Kill\Hate and if you wonder what that band sounds like after reading their name, your skull is more vacant than Sarah Palin's.

SKH does not rock the boat and specializes in traditonal, very angry sounding thrash metal. Sometimes a Slayer influence is very apparent ("Breeding Hate"), at other times Nuclear Assault comes to mind and even a Germanic feeling creeps in ("Slain"). Due to the gravelly vocals which remind me a lot of Randall Blythe, Lamb of God can be another solid comparison, especially in the groovier tunes like "Behind the Mask". As the album moves along, it picks up force and speed and turns from a standard thrash album to something a little more intense. The last three tunes in particular are extremely fierce, with "The Cleansing" being the fastest but "Brotherhood of Arms" really emerging as top track for me. To Dave's credit, very little Overkill influence is heard here.

This is strictly for the hardcore thrashers and provides a solid fix of raw, angry and fast music!