"The Other Gods"

By Dark Starr

The latest installment in the series by Space Mirrors, this continues their exploration of the writings of H.P. Lovecraft...a subject which many of you know is near and dear to my hearThe music also continues in the same sort of heavy space rock oriented progressive rock. Musically, though, I think this is stronger than the previous one. There is a bit of an indie-music edge to it that is most clearly represented in the production values and gives things some bite.

The record kicks off with energy as "Stranger in the Mirror" is fast prog bordering on metal .The vocals tend towards spoken and might be a bit difficult for some listeners to take, but they work well for this. That style crops up here elsewhere, as well. The first few tunes tend towards the metallic, with spacy flourishes, but the album expands its palette as it continues. "Frozen City of Cubes and Cones" is a standout and shows their range...this tune has some of the heaviest parts and some of the most melodic as well. Former Hawkwind member Nik Turner even guests here and you can hear the Hawkwind influence throughout. "Times Unknown" features piano more than guitar and the excellent title track is where the dark and spacy sounds of Space Mirrors are at their best.

Fans of space rock, dark prog, Lovecraft and Hawkwind are all encouraged to check this out!