"Out of the Darkness"

By Colonel Angus

Whenever I get a CD to review and the group is fronted by a female vocalist, I automatically assume that it will be a symphonic metal release along the lines of say, Nightwish.  Well, I could not have been wrong with "Out of the Darkness".  The band is more in the vein of Doro or Warlock.  The metal is more straight-forward and although it brings in an ever so slight prog element, A Sound of Thunder plays it more closely with your traditional metal  style.  If you start with the first track “The Way I Die”, you will automatically hear the Black Sabbath influences but with a slightly up-dated sound.  I also like the Iron Maiden-ish chugging riffs of “Calat Alhambra”.  It has that epic feel like “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”.  Elsewhere you get the speed rockin’ of the title cut and the album finishes on a high note in “Discovery”.  By ending with such a good track, it only makes you want to start the whole disk over again.  Overall, there really isn’t a bad song on the album and it just seems to get better with repeated listens.

The band is a solid bunch too.  Nina Osegueda has a great voice for this type of metal and by singing less operatic, she really stands out from the pack. Osegueda follow more in the footsteps of Doro than Tarja Turunen.  Jesse Keen and Chris Haren are a great rhythm section and they lay down a solid foundation for the rest of the music.  Josh Schwartz not only writes the music but also provides all the catchy riffs on "Out of the Darkness".  He also lets loose with some great solos like on “Murderous Horde” and “The Nightwitch”.  It’s great to finally get a band that originates from the states that plays more traditional metal.  Sure, Halestorm is burning up the charts and they are good but I have to say that A Sound of Thunder is more metal and deserve a closer look.  For those of you that like your female fronted bands less operatic and more traditional, then "Out of the Darkness" will hit the spot.  This is the band’s first release for Nightmare Records so I hope they promote them.  They have band that can really deliver the goods and just need that extra push to make them more of a household name in the metal community.