By Sgt Deth

They have evolved…oh. yes they have evolved this time around folks. This latest release from Max Cavalera and company will not disappoint, especially if you have been a Soulfly, Cavalera, or Sepultura fan in the past. It is a very trippy, political, and brutal album, with not as much preachy or bible speak. Track 5, “Live Life Hard!” attests to that. King Parrot vocalist, Matt Young, teams up well on that track, and It has all my interests at heart!

I will admit, I have not been one of their huge fans in the past, but this latest edition to their catalog has drawn me in. There is not as much mention of “Jesus” or “Lucifer” like in their past material. You will still hear some biblical speak here, but it is darker than before. Track 6 is about a 4000 year Mesopotamian sun god, Shamash, which has an eerie intro, outro, and chorus to bring you back to those mystical times. Then it transitions well in to “Bethlehem’s Blood”, which starts out with dismal horns that seem to be signaling war. Then during the song Max proclaims “Jerusalem is falling”, then more dismal horns. Then there is a short and crazy tune like “Mother of Dragons” that is definitely circle pit worthy. And Max’s sons Richie and Igor also help out on that one.

 Another one of my favorite tunes on is track 9, “Deceiver”. It has some blazing riffs and guitar solos that I know Max is still capable of cooking up. The Max sound is still there and alive, but with something new here and there. Soulfly has peaked my interest again. I was afraid they were going to let quality go with quantity, but I believe Max and company have enough talent and new ideas to keep this steam train going a little while longer.