“Tenebris Deos”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sons of Balaur are a mysterious entity devoted to the classical Norwegian black metal sound and all that it entails. I suppose hard research would reveal exactly who they are, but I’ll play along with the gimmick.

This is not just a tribute to what came out of Norway in the 90’s but also a tour of the many BM styles that emerged from there.  The album is not composed of songs that all sound the same. I must say, for the most part, the Sons perform their tribute well. I was expecting bombastic Dimmu Borgir symphonic stuff (and it is here), but first song “Invocation”  is killer primitive Darkthrone worship based on catchy, pulsating riffing. So they’ve already surprised me! “Succubus Slut” is nasty “rocking” black metal while “Old Relics” is more of the epic, symphonic sound I was expecting. One thing all the songs have in common is big hooks that draw you in. “Van Helsing Must Die” is more like blackened death metal while “Balaur’s Rise” is slow to mid paced stomp. 

I get the feeling Sons of Balaur don’t take themselves really seriously based on the comic book story and art accompanying “Tenebris Deos”. The real necro and NSBM warriors will likely consider this a sellout but that’s such a small slice of the metal market. Anybody who enjoyed Norwegian BM from Dimmu to Darkthrone to Gorgoroth should rise and follow Sons of Balaur into battle.