“Savage Gods”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sonic Prophecy are working overtime to prove their classical metal chops on “Savage Gods”. This is a band very much drawing influence from timeless sources like Judas Priest, Queensryche and Hammerfall and “Savage Gods” sounds like a blending of all those bands.

The production is big and bold, the musicianship is solid but the songwriting is not yet on the level of the mighty bands the Prophecy is emulating. There is an intangible element missing from the music that can’t quite be put into words, but the songs do not gel the way a prime Priest or Queenryche tune does. The distinction is razor thin but it’s there. But we also need to keep in mind that this is the first effort from these guys and looked at on those terms, this is a good start for a traditional metal band.

The title track for sure has a ton of Priest influence and a wall of punishing drums courtesy of Matt LeFevre. This is one of the album’s best songs and introduces us to the vocals of one Shane Provstgaard, which tend to be nasal and on the high pitched side. Sometimes his voice works well, like here… other times it seems a little strained.

“Dreaming of the Storm” and “Walk Through The Fire” show a more progressive, melodic and Queensrych-ish touch, sometimes including piano. The album’s later tracks begin to sound a lot like Hammerfall, particularly on “A Prayer Before Battle” and “Chasing the Horizon”. Since Hammerfall is a pretty polarizing band, these tunes might work for you or they might not. I much preferred the more Priestish material like the title track and “Man the Guns”.

Sonic Prophecy tick all the right boxes when it comes to traditional/power metal. With a little tightening up in the songwriting department, they could very well be a name to watch.