By Dr. Abner Mality

This Spanish band is definitely swimming in waters I like but haven’t reached the elite of that area yet. They are heavily inspired by the slower moments of Asphyx and Grave and also have a noticeable Celtic Frost/Hellhammer tone. That’s the stuff I dig the most. Yet Sonambula fall just a little short.

It’s primitive death metal with a doomy vibe. So far so good. But maybe this bunch is just a little bit TOO primitive for me. Asphyx, Grave and the mighty Frost all had the knack of putting changes in their songs at just the right time to avoid monotony. Sonambula have yet to master this vital skill. Certainly they have the right sound…thick, sludgy and raw. Not overproduced piffle like Behemoth. But the grunting, constipated vocals are without variation and eventually wear on the nerves, even though I like rough and rancid singing. “HUesos”, “Nostromo” and “Coleccion Macabra” have that caveman style death/doom pounding, but they run in it into the ground too much and patience runs out. A nice variation was the lightning-fast blast of “Heroe Sangriento” which grinds bones to paste. The instrumental “Detritus” is also a pretty killer tune, with nice changes that elude many of the other songs.

“Bicefalo” shows a lot of promise for the future. These guys for sure are heavy enough…they just need to fine tune some of their approach and they’ll reach that next level of brutality.