“Covid666—velhos todos com o caralho”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Portugal has been vomiting up some pretty extreme bands this year. Here’s another one. This is utterly raw, simplistic deathpunk like a mongoloid version of MIDNIGHT mixed with shrieking black metal vocals. The only way to strip this down any further would be to make every song based on a single riff.

It’s not too far from that right here. We’ve got 13 tracks, the vast majority of which are about a minute and a half in length, and none of which have a name. It’s just Roman numerals. The band play pure chainsaw tone guitar riffs based on easy, simple patterns. The result is perversely appealing if you’re looking to wallow in pure musical hatred. While the guitar riffs and caveman drumming are in the land of early VENOM and D-beat, the vocals are unabashedly black metal...a painful scream, with Portuguese lyrics that probably even a native Porty couldn’t understand. And probably wouldn’t want to.

It works out to about 20 minutes of ripping, meathead metal violence...something to remove any remaining faith in humanity you may have. Viva SOLUÇÃO FINAL!