“Summoned from the Void”

By Derelikt Waugh

 Ahhhh, Finnish death/doom. Those words ring as virtually holy to the chosen few, and for good reason. There’s just something so brilliantly brutal and morbidly mournful about THAT sound. Fuck me, that sound! There’s nothing like it, and on the debut album by Solothus, they prove that you certainly don’t have to be a watered-down carbon copy of other bands, even while working under the ever-present, ever-strict and ruthlessly stringent guidelines of “slow and heavy wins the day”. No, Solothus are doing their own thing, and they’re definitely doing it the right way. “Summoned from the Void” is almost suffocating in its heaviness, the tempos rarely straying from the speed of blood and molasses intertwined, but that’s exactly as it should be. This is death/doom, damn it! There are occasional passages of mid-paced doom dirge to break up the “monotony”, but even those portions of the album sound nothing less than inspired.

 Sure, there’s a definite Candlemass vibe, but name one band playing this genre of music who weren’t slightly inspired by them. That’s actually one of Solothus’s strongest points: They have the actual riffs and the moody thunder that permeates most of Candlemass’s early material, but they manage to combine it with Asphyx’s primitive brutality. The results are highly addictive. This is a debut that certainly demands repeated plays, fiends! It’s a shame that this album’s only a mere six songs, but taking into account the fact that this is a death/doom album, you should know that those are six fairly lengthy songs. Fortunately, in the gargantuan claws of Solothus, song length is not something to dread or be endured (like a Phish concert), but instead, it’s something to savor and relish. This is a rare album and possibly one that we’ll be hailing as a classic debut a decade or two down the line! BUY OR DIE!