By Colonel Angus

The symphonic metal genre has never been one of my favorites.  Most of the time, bands take it to such an extreme that the songs suffer and in my case, it just leaves me bored.  When I was given "UniverSeasonS" to review, my expectations were not very high.  A symphonic metal band with a female singer did not seem very inviting or new.  It’s been done before and I was expecting the same music I had already heard countless times before.  I did not expect what came out of my speakers.  While others have placed Solisia in the symphonic metal category, I feel that they have much more to offer than the others in the genre.

Solisia consists of Elie Syrelia on vocals and she possesses a tremendous voice and her performance on "UniverSeasons" is amazing.  I have not heard her previous work but based on her vocals here, I will be purchasing "Ordinary Fate" (Solisia’s first record).  Gianluca Quinto provides some great powerful riffs.  Even though this is symphonic metal, Quinto is never in competition with the keyboards.  His presence is definitely felt throughout "UniverSeasons".  Speaking of keyboards, Wilson Di Geso adds to Solisia’s sound without overpowering it with keyboard flourishes.  He adds the just the right amount of “flavor” without going overboard.  Marcantonio Quinto is another secret weapon for this band.  Although he does go into symphonic metal mode on some of his drumming, he adds a lot of thrash style drumming to the mix which I think gives the band a really unique sound.  Bassist Andrea Arcangeli helps lay down the solid foundation for the others to add their parts.  All in all, a very solid and talented bunch.

In this world, there are a lot of great musicians but the numbers fall when you break it down to great song writers.  Fortunately for Solisia, they have both.  After more than a dozen spins, it was difficult to pick out my favorites; it is one of those albums that is solid from start to finish.  If I was pressed for a favorite, my stand-out tracks would be “Betrayed By Faith”, “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Queen’s Crown”.  Even with picking those few tunes, I still can’t speak highly enough of the "Universeasons".  The whole record needs to be heard.  Don’t let the symphonic metal tag stop you from checking out the newest record from Solisia.  Scarlet Records released it late last year and my hope is that they promote it to the fullest.