“Spectral Devastation”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Now here’s how you do speed metal right! Wow, what a scorcher this Pacific Northwest band is! Lots of bands have recently tried their hands at recreating the speed metal of the early 80’s….speed metal, not thrash. There is a difference! SÖLICITÖR know the difference and they’ve shown everybody just how it is done with “Spectral Devastation”.

All 8 songs here blaze and blister, with no let up. The album has a great raw guitar tone, divebombing lead solos everywhere and most importantly, some awesome female vocals care of Amy Lee Carlson. This girl can SING! No screeches or roars, just a clear, powerful tone that belts out tales of war, monsters and mayhem. She has the voice of one of those divas that pop up in Goth metal outfits, but that voice is totally dedicated to accompanying a twin guitar speed metal assault.

First track “Blood Revelations” blows away the cobwebs and introduces you to SÖLICITÖR.  I like the beefy PRIEST/MAIDEN feel to “Leather Streets”, but “Terminal Force” and “Grip of the Fist” scream along like a nuclear powered bullet train. This is the very definition of speed metal. “The Red Queen” shows a more epic, almost progressive side to the band. Through it all, Amy Lee sings her head off.

Methinks “Spectral Devastation” may make an appearance in the 2020 “Best Of” list. In what is shaping up to be a really lousy year, this is a real diamond in the pig sty.